Since 1939, the Cuenllas family has been working to offer great products, an impeccable service, the proximity to Arguelles and the city they need for its clients. Media Ración is the continuity of tradition: a contemporary version of Cuenllas and of Pepita’s spirit opened in 2017 in Justicia district. Pepita, Cuenllas’ widow, decided to open her small creamery in 1939. The modest business was adapting to the next rising generation of neighbours until it became a pilgrimage place for anyone who looked for the best gourmet products. In the 80s, Cuenllas Tapas opened in the building next-door, which remains one of the meeting points of the district. The authenticity and the simplicity has marked a long history, and encouraged by Fernando Cuenllas of the third generation, continues to boost it . Moreover, his passion for wines will always offer the best and the more distinguished for its clients.

Cuenllas is a traditional groceries shop and an small bistro open at Ferraz street since 1939. We have always worked to offer the best product and the best service to our valued clients. Media Racion is our most contemporary version.



1:15pm – 5:00pm.


8:15pm – 12:00am.